TL;DR: In contemporary arts since 2004, worked in half of the world’s countries, curated projects with some of the leading contemporary artists, built one of the world’s largest independent contemporary art magazines.

Martin Schulze is the founder of Public Delivery, a non-profit art organization established in 2011, known for orchestrating art projects in 105 countries and collaborating with some of the leading contemporary artists.

Additionally, his organization publishes one of the top three largest independent art magazines, attracting millions of readers annually.

The publication, known for its unfiltered, authentic, and transparent content, has become one of the most trusted sources for modern and contemporary art. In a landscape dominated by art publications under large media conglomerates or billionaire art collectors, it provides a unique voice and perspective, surpassing industry giants such as ArtReview in terms of web traffic.

In his consulting roles, Schulze provides strategic insights to various clients across different sectors. His work with governments includes advising the United States Department of Labor and The Australian Government.

In the intergovernmental arena, he collaborated with the United Nations, the International Labor Organization, United Nations ESCAP, and the International Organization for Migration.

Notably, among nongovernmental organizations, he has advised World Vision. Additionally, his expertise extends to the private sector, offering guidance to an upcoming art museum near Tokyo, set to open in 2025, and Sage Organic Vegan Bistro, the world’s largest vegan restaurant.

As the Director of Philanthropy at DEAR Burma (est. 2002), Asia’s largest free school for migrants, which also provides free legal aid, Schulze, who joined the team in 2013, has been instrumental in educating and empowering tens of thousands of students.

His leadership has not only transformed lives but also positioned the school as a model for educational excellence, adopted by several Asian governments including Taiwan and Singapore. This role underscores his deep commitment to philanthropy, impacting diverse fields and setting new benchmarks for educational and cultural initiatives.

His academic journey includes studies in Mass Media Research & Journalism and Psychology at the Université de Fribourg (CH) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Professionally, he has gained experience working at Sprüth Magers in Cologne and both the Pergamon Museum and Neues Museum in Berlin.

Schulze is a seasoned speaker, having presented at esteemed platforms like Horasis and TEDx.

In addition to his career achievements, he is an Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) expert and investor, and a certified tea master.